Our Three Winners Endowment Fund

In the months leading up to the tragedy, Deah Barakat had launched an online campaign to raise funds in support of a summer dental relief mission where he and Yusor planned to provide free dental services for refugees abroad.  Razan contributed her artistic and creative talents to promote the fundraising campaign. 

After the tragedy, online contributions poured in from all across the globe and the campaign surpassed the initial fundraising goal many times.  Fellow classmates, friends and family members completed the mission on their behalf and the remaining funds were placed in an Endowment Fund creating a sustainable model to fund similar projects for years to come.

Since the tragedy, the Foundation has provided grants to fund the annual Project Refugee Smiles Dental Relief Mission and to support scholarships for students who demonstrate similar values of personal excellence and social service.  As the endowment continues to grow, the foundation's Grantmaking Program will continue to fund additional humanitarian programs and scholarships in honor of Our Three Winners. 


Driven by a Love for Humanity

Deah, Yusor, and Razan were dedicated to their faith, to excelling in their academics, and to serving their communities.  From building homes with Habitat for Humanity, feeding the homeless, and providing dental services to refugees, they were three inspiring and altruistic individuals who lived for something beyond themselves.  Their infectious smiles and uplifting spirits transformed the communities they touched and made them loved by everyone.

Continue their legacy by donating to the Endowment Fund established in their honor. The proceeds will support dental relief missions, scholarships, and community service projects in perpetuity.