Project Refugee Smiles


Before the tragedy, Deah had launched an online campaign to raise funds in support of a summer dental relief mission to provide dental services to refugees abroad.  After the tragedy, online support poured in from all across the globe and the campaign surpassed the initial fundraising goal many times. Deah, Yusor, and Razan's families decided to start an Endowment Fund with this money in order to create a sustainable model to fund similar projects, honoring their legacy of dedication to service and education for years to come. 



Since the hate crime tragedy, the proceeds from the Our Three Winners Endowment has funded a yearly summer dental relief mission and established dental clinics in the name of Deah, Yusor, and Razan. To learn more about Project Refugee Smiles and discover how you can support future missions, please fill out our contact form or email:


Run for Razan


On January 31st, 2015, (less than two weeks before the tragedy), Razan Abu-Salha ran her longest run - an impressive 8 consecutive miles - while training for her upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon scheduled for April of 2015. Tragically, Razan’s life was cut short and she did not cross the finish line.  However, Razan’s closest friend Yasmine carried out Razan’s legacy by racing in the event wearing Razan’s running shoes.  Additional friends and family also join Yasmine in completing the race in Razan’s honor. In a period of less than two months, first time runners went from the couch to running 13.2 miles on behalf of Razan!

On April 8, 2017, the inaugural “Run for Razan” was established at NC State University.  Hundreds gathered on the course to join the cause, racing in honor of Razan and raising funds for the Our Three Winners Endowment Fund.  The Run for Razan campaign will continue at NC State and college campuses nationwide will be added to the campaign.  If you would like to organize a “Run for Razan” on your local campus to benefit the Our Three Winners Foundation, please please fill out our contact form or email:





Our Three Winners has partnered with #LoveArmy to further the legacy of Deah, Yusor, and Razan who lost their lives in a tragic hate crime.

Together, we are calling on people across the country to stand against hatred, xenophobia, and prejudice.

There are people in our community who are in need of our support and friendship. In remembrance of Deah, Yusor, and Razan, and in support of all who are impacted by hate, join the Our Three Winners and #Love Army and show how you #LoveThyNeighbor.

ACT: Perform an act of kindness, service or solidarity for your neighbor or fellow community member.  Join thousands of others and share your experience with the hashtags #LoveThyNeighbor, #LoveArmy, and #OurThreeWinners or share directly on our Facebook page. It can be as simple as dropping off a gift, volunteering your time, printing out a sign and putting it in your window, or whatever feels meaningful to you.



Deah-Yusor-Razan Scholarship Fund

In collaboration with the Barakat and Abu-Salha families, The Deah-Yusor-Razan Scholarship is offered by the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF) to provide scholarship support to students who demonstrate the same values of personal excellence and social service as Our Three Winners, to which the fund is dedicated.

In addition, the fund will support students who aim to strengthen Muslim representation in media and politics to address the misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.


2015 Scholarship Recipient - Aisha Yaqoob

Aisha Yaqoob.PNG

Major: Public Policy

Degree: MPA

School: University of Georgia

Aisha graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Public Administration. She founded the Georgia Muslim Voter Project and is currently the Policy Director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta.

More about Aisha:


2016 Scholarship Recipient - Safia Farole


Major: Political Science

Degree: Ph.D.

School: University of California, Los Angeles

Safia is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Safia enjoys helping first generation college students navigate through higher education, and she intends to continue doing so after becoming a professor. Safia is dedicated to continue using her academic platform to educate college students on topics such as Islam and democracy, and politics in Muslim majority countries.

More about Safia: 


2017 Scholarship Recipient - Imran Khan

imran khan.jpg

Major: Urban Policy

Degree: M.A.

School: New York University

Imran Khan will be pursuing a MS degree in Applied Urban Science and Informatics from NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress. Imran is currently serving as Director of Special Projects in the New York City Mayor’s Office. Previously, he served as an appointed Empire State Fellow working in the New York State Governor’s Office.His professional interests and areas of expertise include anti-poverty programs, community development, and resource access through the use of effective social policy and government operations. 

More about Imran: